Spinballs is a level based game where you have to play against time. Each level requires more points than the level before in order to reach it. And each level gives you less time to solve it. You obtain points by clearing chains of balls having the same color.

Creating chains

The playground of Spinballs consists of seven discs. Each of them contains six balls of random color.

You can rotate each disc clockwise by tapping the right side of it or counter clockwise by tapping its left side. By doing so you can move the colored balls so that more balls of the same color reside next to each other.
You need at least three balls of the same color to make up a chain.

Clearing chains

By having at least three balls of the same color connected to a chain all chained balls get highlighted and can be cleared by tapping the execute button at the bottom of the screen. The number on the execute button will show you of how many balls your current chain is made of. The longer the chain the more points you will earn and the more time you will receive for your next steps.

Using the four bonus helpers

The seven discs are surrounded by four bonus helpers that can be loaded by clearing chains right next to them. As soon as one of them is fully loaded you can trigger its effect by tapping it. Some of them have an immediate effect and some of them have a continuous effect lasting for a period of time.
Note that the effect of the continuous bonus helpers can be extended by reloading them before they consumed themselves!

Mass clear helper


Time freeze helper

Immediate effect: Clears the whole playground and gives you full time back.


Continuous effect: Freezes the timebar for 20 seconds. During this period time will run out slower.


Double points helper


Sort balls helper

Continuous effect: All chains cleared give you the double amount of points for a period of 30 seconds.


Immediate effect: Sorts the balls on each disc so that all balls of the same color are next to each other.